How to get to Hyotan Hot Springs in Beppu

Enjoy hot springs and Japanese culture at Hyotan Hot Springs
Hyotan Hot Springs is also close to Harmony Land where you can meet Hello Kitty and Yufuin

Beppu ranks second in the world and top in Japan for the amount
of hot spring water. There are 408 "yukemuri" and most of them
are from the Kannawa area.
Kannawa hot spring has a long history that goes back to the
Kamakura era (1185-1333) and is said to have been started by
a monk called Ippen-shounin.

Hyotan Hot Springs has a long history and was founded in 1922.
In the old days, there was an observation tower that was gourd-shaped
(called "hyotan" in Japanese) and was enjoyed by local people.
Now it has become a hot spring facility with various baths that can be enjoyed
by not only local and Japanese people but also by foreigners.