Enjoy the sand bath wearing a yukata at Hyotan Hot Springs

Enjoy hot springs and Japanese culture at Hyotan Hot Springs

The sand bath is a unique bath in which you stay buried in sand which is
heated up by the steam of the hot springs. Even throughout the world,
there are very few of these sand baths. It is good for your health and skin
as the steam from the hot springs heats up the body very slowly.
The sand bath can be enjoyed by groups of both sexes as the yukata is kept on.

Remove your clothes in the changing rooms and put on a yukata.

The deeper you dig, the hotter the sand. If this is your first time, check the temperature of the sand while you dig.

If you are with friends, get your friends to put sand over you. If you are the last person, you must cover yourself with sand.

Stay in the sand bath and relax. You will gradually start to sweat.

There is no time limit, so you can get up whenever you like.

Sand bath admission 330 yen

※No staff members are on duty in the sand bath so you will be unsupervised.
※There is no time limit.
※Please make sure you wear the paper pants and yukata that you are provided with.
※After coming out of the sand bath, make sure you shake off any sand before you leave and
return the paper pants and yukata in the box outside the changing room.
※The sand bath is open until 12am midnight.

You may also unwind in the courtyard wearing the yukata and clogs.
The courtyard is a perfect spot for taking photos in a yukata.
※You may have a meal wearing your yukata before going to the sand bath, but you will not be allowed to have meals
wearing the yukata after a sand bath, since the yukata will be wet.