Completely renewed Hyotan Onsen
including larger women’s bath and open-air bath!


It's been an onsen for the past 100 years!

One-day onsens can be found in many places nowadays.
Many people think all hot-spring facilities change their bath water or have free-flowing spring water. Actually, however, such facilities are very rare!
You can enjoy genuine 100% natural hot spring water flowing freely at Hyotan Onsen!
There are many other features, such as sunayu sand bath and mushiyu steam bath heated with steam from hot springs in Beppu.
Furthermore, you will enjoy local specialties including jigokumushi, or dishes steamed in hot spring steam.

The quality of the hot spring water at Hyotan Onsen is safe!It is carefully managed under the supervision of experts.

About Hyotan Onsen

Since 1922, we have been a hot spring facility in Kan’nawa, Beppu,featuring 100% free-flowing natural hot spring.

Further information
Which are you,only-one type or variety type?


  • Jigoku Steam Kitchen
  • YU-RA-RI

Jigoku steam course meal

2,600yen (tax included)

  • Family Jigoku steam mix for 2 people

    3,500yen (tax included)

  • Jigoku steamed butter chicken curry

    1,200yen (tax included))

  • Local Oita raised・Toriten (fried chicken) meal set

    1,400yen (tax included)

  • Kabosu udon noodles

    1,100yen (tax included)


There's a space to spend happy and relaxing time with your family, friends or partner.

A place to sit back and relax with your family or friends

We have increased the number of tables and tatami space in the rest area so that family members can spend time together after taking a bath.
Please spend more time at leisure in this place even after relaxing in 100% free-flowing natural hot spring.

Facility information

Recommendable ways to enjoy Hyotan Onsen


Long-hours relaxation course

Fully enjoy all the facilities!
enjoy Hyotan Onsen with all types of hot springs in Beppu!

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Make your body and mind more beautiful

The gift from nature brings you beauty and relaxation.Take onsen power into your body

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Stop by onsen

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Happy weekend

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Visitors’ review

  • Mushiyu steam bath was very comfortable and loosened up my body.
  • There were various kinds of hot springs, and I thought this onsen was the real thing.
  • This fabulous onsen has many types of bathes.
  • Get pleasure from the Sunau sand bath
  • I recommend men’s bath with about 20 utaseyu, hot spring waterfalls